OUR WORK - Policy + Art + Science + Society

MacroVU® creates suites of large, artistic and informational murals that help organizations and governments adequately handle the complexity of the contemporary world. Usually, we work with task forces on one or more of the many wicked problems and social messes to create innovative strategies for dealing with them.


Here are some of the projects we’ve worked on:


Sponsored projects

- Global sustainability - WBCSD

- Global pandemic - Avian flu - USA

- Climate change & energy security - UK

- Radioactive waste disposal - UK

- Mental health - USA & Global

- Health policy - USA

- Suicide prevention - UK

- Youth development - UK

- NASA research management - USA

- Philosophy of consciousness - Global

- Genetically modified crops - UK

- Policy Options for a Resource Efficient Economy (POLFREE) - EU


Mapping of Social Messes

- California workforce issues

- Methodist church health issues

- Elderly and disabled issues

- Mental Health

- Suicide Prevention


Argumentation Mapping

- Can computers think? – Seven Giant Posters – order from us at


Here are some of the most popular information murals we’ve done:

-       Vision 2050 – World Business Council for Sustainable Development

-       Management of High Level Radioactive Waste – UK

-       Avian Flu – The First Year of the Not Quite the Worst Pandemic


Here are some articles and books about the theory of visual language:

-       Visual Language:  Global Communication for the 21st Century

-       How High Can It Fly? Examining the Evidence on Information Mapping's Method of High-  Performance Communication  Chapter 1.  Chapter 2





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